Zand dynasty / Shiraz Vakil Bazaar

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Shiraz Vakil Bazaar- shopping in the city of history, literature, and art

Shiraz is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Iran, and has so natural and historical attractions that many weeks are not enough for residing and visiting it. beside spectaculars, traditional bazaars (Shiraz Vakil Bazaar) in every city like Shiraz have double attraction because you can do shopping there and be familiar with its souvenirs and handy crafts and enjoy visiting its traditional context as well.

One of the famous traditional bazaars of Iran which locates in Shiraz is Vakil bazaar; a bazaar which all people know it and has been the heart of the economy of the city and still is its beating heart.

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Here is Shiraz, the city of poem, literature, and art

Historically, strategically, and culturally Shiraz is one of the important cities in Iran. The role and importance of this city during the history can be felt easily. The largeness of this city during the time has a direct connection with the economical power of the city and definitely this dynamic economy is backed by its Shiraz Vakil Bazaar. historical Vakil bazaar is one of the most important bazaars in Shiraz from the past on and is a beautiful memorial of Karim Khan Zand.

The history of Vakil bazaar

Shiraz has been one of the most important cities of Iran and southern plateu since a long time ago, and it was the capital of the country in different periods like Mozaffarid era. Later Karim Khan Zand chose Shiraz as his capital, during two decades, Shiraz changed into a thriving and beautiful city. Building fortification, castles, and caravansaries, stability and security came back to the city. The unique complex of Vakil bazaar shines like a diamond among these built constructions. The start of constructing this huge complex was 1758 and it lasted to 1177 to be improved and completed.

The unique complex of Vakil bazaar shines like a diamond among these built constructions.

There is most likely a bazaar of Safavid era here before Vakil bazaar constructed which has been developed and changed for building the new bazaar. This bazaar was the beating heart of the economy of the city after constructing and has been constructed on a way which started from Allah Akbar Strip (the most northern part of Shiraz) and ended to Esfahan gate inside the walls of he city and many merchants passed this way.

  1. Special architectural specification

  • One of the specifications that differentiates this bazaar from the other traditional bazaars is the height of the ceiling in the main row of shops.

  • The way of lighting it up in Shiraz bazaar is a little different from the other bazaars. Also there are chinks in the ceiling which prevent the direct shining of the light into the bazaar.

  • There is a window on top of most chambers which plays an important role in ventilation and creating suitable temperature and makes a good atmosphere for customers and sellers. There are stands in front of the chambers in Vakil bazaar which differentiate it from other bazaars in Iran and they create a space between seller and customers.

  • The other characteristic of the bazaar is its location lower than the street level.

Sarye Moshir or Golshan bazaar next to Vakil bazaar

Saraye Shiraz or Golshan located in the end of the southern part of Vakil bazaar and on the eastern section. Many people erroneously think that Saraye Moshir is a part of Vakil bazaar because it is next to it.

The building or Saraye Moshir consists of two floors and chambers with wooden and marquetry doors from teak tree. There is a big and octagonal pond in the middle of its yard which has been embellished with sour orange trees and flowers and plants.

Saraye Shiraz or Golshan located in the end of the southern part of Vakil bazaar and on the eastern section.

You can go to Moshir bazaar and New Moshir bazaar via Saraye Moshir and visit these bazaars.

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