The Abbasi Hotel is overlooked by the exquisite dome and minarets of the Madraseh-e-Chahar Bagh and is centred on a stunning 300 year old royal caravanserai. Formerly called the Shah Abbas Hotel, in honour of the Isfahan’s great 17th century ruler, the Abbasi has as its focal point a lovely Persian garden, which is complete with playing fountains, cooling water lined avenues, brightly planted flower beds, and ivy covered palm trees. Complementing the gardens, and vying with them for your attention, are the Abbasi’s grand public areas which were designed to impress the last Shah of Iran’s guests. The beautiful mirror work, glittering chandeliers, and exquisite wall paintings with motifs taken from the palaces of the Safavid kings could be an art gallery in its own right


Having 225 rooms including 23 suites and seven well-furnished apartments, the Abbassi Hotel is prepared to receive and capable of providing comfort to both local and foreign guests arriving individually or in groups. Among the facilities of the hotel mention can be made of the Grand Auditorium equipped with the latest audio - visual aids accommodating 500 people. Other facilities include multi-purpose rooms with various capacities for holding ceremonies and seminars, such fancy restaurants as Chehelsotun, Firuzeh and Naqshe-jahan

Sports-recreational complex, a covered swimming pool, handicrafts stores, a barber shop, a phone cab service and a medical service.